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Right Click Not Working In Mirc

CTCP Events[edit] CTCP Events are events that trigger when you get a CTCP (client-to-client protocol) from another client. Date in top of the daily stats uses your local settings. It has been talked about in the scriver thread. I dont have commands like Slap, Whois, Kick etc. weblink

The matchtext in this case is *, the wild card symbol. A lot of people join there to talk about mapping and help each other with things about mapping. You can see the result of the version check in the mIRC status window. So if you right clicked in #MyChannel (means you are in that channel), the '#' symbol in a popup would be replaced with #MyChannel.

If you only have %mycmd% set, The menu item will evaluate to $null and not appear at all in the menu. Ie, if dcc transfer finishes, then the tracking dll will try to find a match from the database - first IP, if no matching IP is found, then search for nick, If you hover over the menu, you get three choices; mIRCUser, Cakeman, and Blacknight, all three of your nicks. alias aliasname command(s) To do an alias in a remote section, it must have the alias prefix.

One important thing to know is that while you can have tons of aliases files , you only can have one popup file. This solution worked--thanks!! That nickname will be inserted anywhere you use the $$1 identifier. On load it should say "up to date", since you did get the script from my site, not some shoddy listserver, didn't you? ;) dlTracker user interface window will pop up

Neat huh? (say yes). When you call an alias from inside itself, and it has a built-in mIRC version, the alias will call mIRC's version. Crashing programs is generally a bad idea. Known nick window lists all nicks that dlTracker has "seen" this user to have. "WHOIS (Web)" goes to http://dukelupus.pri.ee/dns.php and tries to get WHOIS info about users IP.

Home About Download Register News Help Active Topics Active Posts Unanswered Topics Search Advanced You are not logged in. [Log In] Forums » Support » mIRC That will disable tracking files with known list identifier, ie like -OS., .BWI. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Raw shows just unformatted database entries and is generally not interesting.

Sound confusing? Commands . This is not perfect, but it is far more accurate then the first method. You got 9!" alias decnum2 { var %num = $$1 dec %num dec %num echo -a Your number was decreased by two!

Using Brackets {}Back to Top You will have noticed the fourth and fifth popup look a bit different. (Reminder: Each line is a separate popup). have a peek at these guys You may know how to use remote events now, but they are only a small fraction of making remote scripts. This will decrease your number by two. Top #230192 - 28/02/11 05:24 AM Re: Right-click menu help [Re: drum] TrinityIsLife Self-satisified door Registered: 25/02/11 Posts: 4 Loc: North Carolina No.

Identifiers[edit] Identifiers are similar to variables. Enabled by default, disable if the hints start to annoy you. Either way, it will change your nickname to whatever is in %connnick. check over here I know I found a few after just scrubbing through.Multiple language theme in English and SpanishEnglish Theme: http://pastebin.com/ZrTNmHM9Spanish Theme: http://pastebin.com/7J67MtXY Screenshot:   English http://i.imgur.com/ELwAeYh.png   Spanish http://i.imgur.com/OSaDzYQ.pngYou can edit the colors

Join Date March 2005 Location Seattle, WA Posts 1,385 Miranda supports IRC fully as a protocol and adds some rudimentary bells and whistles, but it is not a dedicated IRC client. If you right-click in your status window, you will see a menu saying "Get Channel Info →" and three menu items in that menu's submen; #mIRC, #Windows, and #Scripting. Types of Scripts[edit] There are three types of scripts in mIRC.; aliases, popups, and remotes.

You can change this, however, using the identifier $isid.

Register a new account Sign in Already have an account? If you don't manage it, go back to the previous method. The -l is a switch that tells the alias ONLY to work when called from a script inside that remote file. Use c or s behind an fkey to make the alias work for the key combinations "shift + FX" or "Ctrl + FX." sF1 { var %n = $?="What's your nickname

it worked always helpful Share this post Link to post Share on other sites 0 Tiny 13 Recruit Members 13 29 posts Posted April 5, 2013 · Report post Wrong already This is not. An individual script is a remote file (a file ending in .mrc or .ini) with related events, aliases, and popup definitions. http://ariseoo.com/right-click/left-click-not-working-on-mac.html Change Nick To .mIRCUser: nick mIRCUser .Cakeman: nick Cakeman .Blackknight: nick Blackknight Now, right-click in the channel again.

Ban $$1: mode $$chan +b $address($$1,2) Kickban $$1: ban -k $$chan $$1 2 You got kickbanned by $me $+ ! Exclude list sends/gets from tracking. Both external and internal ports are 1024 by default and TCP.8. Making our first layersBack to Top Making our first layers Ok, now copy/paste each line into you popup editor window.

Command Prefixes Prefix What it does Example // Forces mIRC to evaluate identifiers and variables on the command line. //echo -a $chan . Double-click on an entry will open user info form.